9 Decorating Tips to Create a Stylish Monochrome Nursery

9 Decorating Tips to Create a Stylish Monochrome Nursery

Monochrome home décor is timeless, and increasingly many parents are choosing the sophisicated black and white palette for their little one's rooms to fit into their stylish contemporary homes. Some may think that a monochrome colour scheme is too dramatic for a baby but it does not have to be. Actually black and white nurseries are perfect to take your newborn to toddler, and beyond without having to change the  entire colour scheme dramatically -  you only need to update a few pieces as your child grows.

Follow our tips below to create an inspiring, warm and happy space.

1. Keep patterns simple - choose one feature such as a wall, bed linen or rug.
2. Warm the space with animal woodland wall art prints - affordable, stylish and super cute.
3. Use off-whites on walls if you want to soften the look.
4. Don't make the room too busy with competing patterns.
5. Use simple graphics on walls and furnishings.
6. Choose one accent colour if you wish to soften the room - think cushion, lampshade, art.
7. Monochrome baby animal decor always works well on anything for overall cuteness.
8. Blend a mix of textures in the room to create an overall softness.
9. For a little bit of bling, add a feature piece in chrome, brass or copper.

Happy decorating! Most important, enjoy the moment and have fun creating your little bub's nursery.


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