Monochrome home décor is timeless, and increasingly many parents are choosing the sophisicated black and white palette for their little one's rooms to fit into their stylish contemporary homes. Some may think that a monochrome colour scheme is too dramatic for a baby but it does not have to be. Actually black and white nurseries are perfect to take your newborn to toddler, and beyond without having to change the  entire colour scheme dramatically -  you only need to update a few pieces as your child grows.

Follow our tips below to create an inspiring, warm and happy space.

1. Keep patterns simple - choose one feature such as a wall, bed linen or rug.
2. Warm the space with animal woodland wall art prints - affordable, stylish and super cute.
3. Use off-whites on walls if you want to soften the look.
4. Don't make the room too busy with competing patterns.
5. Use simple graphics on walls and furnishings.
6. Choose one accent colour if you wish to soften the room - think cushion, lampshade, art.
7. Monochrome baby animal decor always works well on anything for overall cuteness.
8. Blend a mix of textures in the room to create an overall softness.
9. For a little bit of bling, add a feature piece in chrome, brass or copper.

Happy decorating! Most important, enjoy the moment and have fun creating your little bub's nursery.

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Designed with a sense of whimsy, these gorgeous pink art prints from Choosy are the perfect nursery room accessory for little baby girls. The happiest & sweetest shades of pink are used to create the cutest artwork that mum and bub will love. An adorable range of pink nursery art is featured below from super cute bubblegum poodle, chevron deer and pink ghost moon. These beautiful prints make the perfect baby shower gifts - they look stunning and are so affordable that you can give mum two! Visit the full range of Choosy art downloads for instant art prints or Choosy art for paper and canvas options on etsy.

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Just as important as the crib and other nursery must haves, are the very cute woodland animal art prints. They are the number one baby décor accessory that is whimsical and so so cute that the little ones adore. Peeka-boo animal art prints add a timeless glamourous touch to a room and make the perfect baby shower gift. And as the animal prints are in monotone black and white shades they suit any room colour and are perfect for both baby girls and boys. Featured below are gorgeous choosy woodland prints available as either an art print or as a digital art download  which you can simply print yourself and frame for that low cost, high end look. A range of nursery art prints are available online at Choosy art download on etsy or Choosy.

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Inspired by the uneven shape of dog's teeth, the houndstooth design in two-tone tiled pattern is the most popular tessellation (i.e. tiling using one or more geometric shapes with no overlaps and no gaps). Though different accounts exist as to it's origin, the houndstooth design was pretty much originated in Scotland in the 1800's, and then rose to prominence during 1930's when the Duke of Windsor started to appear in Scottish tweed houndstooth suits which were manufactured for the public, becoming a symbol of wealth. In the 1940's and 1950's, the houndstooth motif became a signature design for Christian Dior with houndstooth suits, shoes, and Miss Dior Perfume. In the 1940's David Jones (clothing chain store, founded in 1838) first used the famous houndstooth pattern as part of its corporate log and continues to do so today.

This classic design has maintained it's popularity for over a century and is now seen on everything from dog collars to houndstooth cushions. We love the houndstooth design so much that we needed to design our own range of houndstooth bean bags. They look stunning and are available in a range of colours including the iconic black and white houndstooth. Custom bean bag colours are also available - so you can choose your favourite colours or your favourite football team's colours in popular houndstooth fabric pattern. Our houndstooth bean bags are super comfy and super stylish and will never go out of fashion.

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The size of a fist, our heart is an amazing muscular organ that on average beats 100,000 times and pumps 7,500 litres of blood each day. Through time the human heart has become the reigning metaphor of our love, through the modern world symbol ♥ ...even Leonardo da Vinci's anatomically accurate heart drawings (c.1507 - image bottom right) had little effect on eradicating the ♥ symbol in artwork. For me though, the illustration of an anatomical human heart captures the beauty of nature. The human heart is a complex and efficient organ that delivers oxygen and nutrients to our body, it is a product of evolution and it has spent millions of years perfecting itself in order to keep humans alive. That is why an anatomical heart canvas art print will literally bring any room to life. See our canvas art prints at Choosy

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