Guys - What Does The Colour of Your T-Shirt Say About You?

Guys - What Does The Colour of Your T-Shirt Say About You?

Colour has a subconscious impact on our emotions, and what you wear can create a different effect on both the wearer and the observer. Check out below what your t-shirt colour could be saying about you:

Literally a stew of three primary colours - red, blue and yellow - and reflects earthy mother nature - for guys this colour will create emotions of being authentic, warm and geniune. Brown t-shirts for men also have some advantages of being an easy colour to care and can even look better after somewhat faded and worn out. Verdict : Keep at least one brown tee in your closet.

Safe bet as pretty much 50% of both men and women will tell you that blue is their favourite colour - think oceans and clear blue skies. Wearing blue will create emotions of trust, honesty and loyalty. Verdict: Cram your closet full of blue t-shirts if you want to keep your friends and family chilled and relaxed.

 A colour made famous by yellow submarines, rubber duckies and sunflowers - though make no doubt about it, wear a yellow t-shirt and you will be noticed. A word of caution, this colour can be polarising - so if your feeling up, go for it, but if you are somewhat down, then the colour yellow will not raise your spirits - in fact, psychologists found that yellow can cause people to lose their tempers and make babies cry! Verdict: Wear when life is good.

What's not to love about this lifeless colour - the colour of evil, power and mystery. A men's black t-shirt is classic, will go with everything and will never go out of style. And for the guys, it can slim even a generous sized tummy, hide dirt and wrinkles. Verdict: Every man needs a black t-shirt, if not several. Please just don't wear black t-shirts all the time - let people know that you wash your clothes.

The colour of fire, blood and passion - make no mistake this emotionally charged colour requires a masculinity to match. Caution if you have a fair complexion and avoid the brighter shades of red. Verdict: A little red is okay, but don't let your closet turn into a pulp fiction scene.

Associated with goodness, innocence and perfection - wear white and you will exude positivity. A white t-shirt goes with absolutely anything and look great with a bold graphic. Verdict: Must have many. Beware beetroot and tomato sauce.

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